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An app that keeps track of all your subscriptions,so that you don’t have to.

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This project aims to understand how difficult is it for users to keep track of every subscription they have taken and design an app that can track, remind and cancel subscriptions for the user.

I fancy trying out new apps and the new technologies they bring. But most of the time, these apps are paid and offer a free trial. Once you sign up and commit to paying at the end of the trial period, you can use the app for free until the end of the trial period. Awesome, right!

Not really! More often than not, I forget to cancel the subscription, and I am charged for the next month. Sometimes, for the whole year.

It got me wondering, “How common is this problem ?” “Do other people face this issue too ?”

Problem Statement


As a user experience designer, I was responsible for defining the problem statement, conducting user research, mapping the user journey and creating a mock-up


I followed a double diamond approach to arrive at a problem statement and subsequently the solution



I conducted research with an aim to test the hypothesis that “ Every (potential) user might have faced the annoyance of debits towards unwanted subscriptions and they are interested in a solution to this problem. ”

Market analysis

This part will answer the “WHY ?” part of the question by enlightening us with how large ( or small ) is our little problem.


The survey will answer the “HOW ?” part of the question. Surveys are an excellent option to gauge the primary impact area.

One-On-One interviews

One-on-One interviews will help us understand in-depth “WHAT” part of the problem needs to be addressed and what part is less impactful.


Participants : 30
Age : 20 -45



Participants : 4
Age : 20 -45

User Research

Findings from the Market Analysis

755 Million internet users

India has the second-largest internet users and is more than twice that of the US. The year 2020 has seen a tremendous increase in OTT subscribers. Owing to the exceptional growth potential, the number of OTT players have doubled in the year 2020.

More than 32 Million OTT users

The year 2020 has seen a tremendous increase in OTT subscribers with 30% YOY growth

The market of OTT is huge and gained $ 10 Million in new subscriptions

OTT market cap is expected to reach $ 3 Billion by 2025. Owing to the exceptional growth potential, the number of OTT players have doubled in the year 2020.

Findings from the User Research

Almost 40 % users were charged more than expected

Users that do not keep a track of their subscription end up paying more towards their subscriptions

More than 90% users were subscribed to multiple OTT Subscriptions

91 % users participitated in the survey said that they were subscribed to multiple OTT platforms and other services and find it very difficult to keep track

More than 50 % users were charged unknown bills

57 % users who are subscribed to multiple subscriptions either forgot to cancel their subscription or 

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Download the research insights

The research insights are presented in a graphic and easy to understand format 

Redefining the Problem Statement


a Unified Subscription Manager solution

Design a solution that will track all of the user’s subscriptions and will help the user manage, renew or cancel them


Defining Persona

MacBook Pro - 3.png

Empathise with the user using Empathy mapping

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 9.42.22 PM.png

Identifying user pain points and Opportunities to improve using User Journey Mapping

I divided the user journey into phases, and each phase was looked for its pain points. Then, these pain points were used as a reference for brainstorming to come with solutions & features for the app

Group 112.png

Great oppornuties ! But which Platform?

Considering that our target users are 20 - 45 year young tech-savvy onliners, it makes sense to take a  Mobile-first approach . Considering auto-tracking and other features would need user permission it would be wise to have a Phone App as the solution.

Prioritising pain points and the solutions

After brainstorming, I decided to work upon the following solutions in the first phase of the app. These solutions were the one which had the most impact according to user research.

Group 174.png

Creating a Task Flow

Group 88.png

Low-fidelity wireframes

Group 92.png

High-fidelity wireframes

Group 90.png

Visual design

A modern-looking font and colour scheme were used.

Group 108.png

Visual mockups

Frame 93.png

The final design

Iphone Mockup.png

Home. Simple home !

All information at a glance. Yet, so minimal and beautiful.

Subscriptions in control

Pause or Remove subscriptions in one click. Add new subscriptions in a jiff.

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Iphone Mockup.png

Know your plan

All information (even the hidden ones) is at your fingertips.

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