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I'm Jitesh,
nice to meet you.

I'm a user experience professional...And a photographer...and (almost) an illustrator. I wear many hats based on the sport and the playing field 😅


How did I get started in User Experience (UX) design?

I started as a Mechanical Engineer for a tech giant in India and gradually moved to creating customer journeys for clients. This is where I fell in love with the art of design with the end-user as the centre of the universe.

My love for art & tech combined with my passion for problem-solving pushed me into a path that is User Experience Design. 

What I've been working on?

Currently, I am working with a team of awesome geeks at The Pack. Together we design experiences that are bold and break the mould.

I have been enhancing the experiences of all those internet junkies like you and me sometimes by simply reducing that one extra click or a screen tap and other times by creating a whole web experience.

What I'm curious about?

You can find me tinkering with the newly launched apps, writing articles about them and flexing about the latest techs with my friends.

I love everything tech and it really motivates me to use these technological marvels to improve people lives. I also like to help people materialize their ideas.

Contact me

Email me at: or call me at +31 - 6265 34 174

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